The 24/7 Gospel Radio Station

Whatever your style of gospel music we've got you covered. Our programming appeals to all age groups from kids, to the youth to adults, you name it. Tune in now for an amazing experience.


A gospel radio station that cuts across all disciplines. It’s a modern radio station established to give our listeners the best experience when it comes to the gospel through music and great conversations. We broadcast a wide range of gospel music that suits all age groups from kids to the youth to adults. Our main aim is to spread the gospel through the use of good music. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Tune in now for a great relaxing experience.


Conveniently maximise the spread of the gospel to the world through the use of good music that suits all age groups. Also, to help promote the new talents by means of playing their songs on air and interviewing them on air to help elevate them and give them the best of opportunities in their music career.


Quality Content

Great Gospel Music

Valued Listeners


Class Radio was founded in 2020 by a couple, Isaac and Elsie. This idea immerged from their love for music and not just any music but gospel music. This then gave birth to the vision of Class Radio which is to spread the gospel through good music. The couple has a catering and multimedia businesses which they have run for a while now. Some of their areas of specialties are Video & Audio Production, Post-Production, Graphic Design, and Catering.